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Q: How can I know my total hours of study?

A: Please, click the Access Details option from the list of links shown on the left-side of your browser window. It will display in detail the total hours you have studied.

Q: Sometimes, my study sessions are not counted towards the total hours of study. What could be the reason?

A: The captive Online Study Tracking System (OSTS) requires that you should properly logout from the study area after completing your study session. Proper logout requires you to click on the Logout option from the list of links shown on the left-side of your browser window. Never close the windows without proper logout, to end the sessions.

Q: What is the meaning of 24X7 access? What is the maximum inaccessible time expected in a 24X7 service?

A: Normally, in any online study with international accessibility for 3 calendar months and considering various uncontrollable factors (like ISP/local server/shared server/local ISP/migration to higher platform, etc.) which are NOT in the hands of service provider (i.e. IIPM), if the inaccessible time is less than 2 continuous days (48- hrs), it is generally acceptable.

Please contact onlinestudy@iipmchennai.com / onlinestudy@iipmchennai.org only in case of 48-hrs of continuous non availability of access to online resources which may be due to problems at ISP/local server/shared server/local ISP/migration to higher platform.

However, any continuous inaccessibility period more than 48-hrs will be compensated with equivalent days of extension period in the access time.

Q: Sometimes, I am logged out of my study session automatically. What could be the reason?

A: For security reasons, the Default Session End Time is set at 20 minutes of inactivity. You are supposed to view a new page / refresh the current page, at least once in 20 minutes. Continuous inactivity for 20 minutes will end with an automatic end of session and the TIME SPENT WILL NOT BE COUNTED TOWARDS STUDY HOURS.

Q: Who should I contact incase I have doubts/clarifications in the online study program?

A: All doubts/clarifications may please be sent only to onlinestudy@iipmchennai.org. You will get a reply by e- mail in 5-7 business days. If the doubt is related to Mock exam / online question, then please send a screen shot of the question for clarification.

You can also contact our faculty / admin staff by telephone for quick queries at: Off: +91 - 44 - 2435 9078 /
4207 1124 / 4264 1401 (or) Mob: + 91 9842686509

Q: Can I download the lessons from the website for my off-line study purpose?

A: It may be noted that these lessons, tips, traps, hints, Q&A etc provided are only for e-learning and web-based self study. Normally, candidates are not expected to download any of the materials, except those permitted to be downloaded as downloadable files.

Q: If I have completed about required login hrs for my PDU/Contact hours certificate. How & when will I receive the certificate?

A: Yes. Once you have successfully completed the required login/contact hours for your course, you need to submit a couple of chapter end tests/exercises or case studies to onlinestudy@iipmchennai.org.Once your exercise is verified by our online study department & faculty , you need to submit your feedback in the standard format available in your online study account & also send your name preferably in passport or as you wish to appear in your PDU/Contact hrs certificate. Your certificate will be processed & scanned copy will be sent to you in a couple of days.

Q: What kind of support will be provided for the Online Course?

A: A maximum of 5-10 questions or doubts in the online course can be clarified through telephone or email within the time frame of 5-7 business days. Please note that for telephone support; only incoming calls to the faculty will be entertained.

Q: What are PDUs?

A: PDU stands for Professional Development Units. After you become a certified PMP, you need to earn 60 PDUs within three years. (Ex. Taking PMP classes, presenting some papers in PMP journals, attending seminars etc). See our shopping cart for various PDU courses.

Q: What are the templates available in my online course?

A: The essential templates for your course are available within your online study account in downloadable format.

Q: I have registered & paid successfully through CC/Debit card for your online account but I am still not able to login to my online study account. What can I do now?

A: Your online study account will be activated within 24 to 48 hrs from the successful payment transaction. This time is needed as it takes 24 to 48 hrs to get processed through the secured payment gateway & only then we can capture the payment. You will receive an account activation mail from our online study department in 24 to 48 hrs, that is once your account is activated.

Q: What is the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program?

A. In order to satisfy CCR program requirements and maintain an active certificate status, individuals who have attained either the PMP or the new Program Management Professional credential must accrue and report a minimum of 60 professional development units (PDUs) during each 3-year CCR cycle. The credential holder needs to complete an Application for Certification Renewal, remit payment of the renewal fee, and reaffirm the appropriate Code of Professional Conduct.

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