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Q: I have registered & paid successfully through CC/Debit card for your online course but I am still not able to login to my online study account. What can I do now?

A: Your online study account will be activated within 24 to 48 hrs from the date of the successful payment transaction as it takes 24 to 48 hrs for your payment to get processed through the secured payment gateway & only then we can capture the payment. You will receive an account activation mail from our online study department in 24 to 48 hrs, that is once your account is activated.

Q: I have not received the account activation mail even after 5 days from login & Successful payment? What can I do now?

A: Most likely, our e-mail has been blocked by your service provider. Check your "Junk Folder" or "Spam Folder" and make sure you do not see any official emails there. If you see any, be sure to mark them as "Not Junk" or "Not Spam" so that messages are not improperly filtered in the future. For further clarifications please mail to onlinestudy@iipmchennai.org

Q: My online study is already deactivated. However, I have sufficient login hours to claim my PDUs/Contact hrs. certificate. I am unable to send the feedback in the standard format in order to claim my certificate. How do I do so?

A: You can send your feedback via email to us for your course & then claim your PDU/Contact hrs. certificate.

Q: I have enrolled for your classroom training programming and paid for it through the shopping cart(CC Avenue), but I am not able to login to your website using the username and password I registered with?

A: Our shopping cart is mainly designed for our global students, taking our online courses. Hence, by default we do have a page asking for your preferred username and password to login and study using their online study account, while going through your registration process.

However, you have enrolled for our classroom training program; hence the username and password would be irrelevant to you, as no online study account would be activated for the username and password opted by you. You will get all the course deliverables in person during the training program.

Q: I received the account activation mail, but still I am not able to login to my online study account, it says ‘your account is not yet activated’ or ‘Invalid username or password’?

A: You should have tried to login using our www.iipmchennai.com website.

All our online study accounts are activated in our www.iipmchennai.org website, hence you need to login there. Please check, that a reference of this would have been mentioned in your account activation mail. Kindly always use www.iipmchennai.org website for logging in to our online study account.

Q: My login hours are not being recorded in my access details?

A: You need to properly logout your online study account, by clicking on the ‘logout’ button for your login hours to be recorded in your access details.

Q: My online study account session got timed out once while studying the same study page for more than half an hour and my actual study hours also did not get recorded in my access details?

A: Our online study account is set to timeout automatically when left inactive for 20 mins. This is done so to avoid wrong login hours from getting recorded in your access details. Hence, you need to keep refreshing your internet page or change your page of reading every 10 to 15 mins to avoid this automatic timeout.

Q: I have already completed a course online on your website, now I wish to take another course. Is it possible for me to enroll and use the same earlier username and password?

A: No, you cannot use the same username and password for the new course, as our system would not allow you to do so. However, you can try registering using a username with just a minor difference from the earlier one, for your easy remembrance.

Please note that only the Username has to be unique and different. You can use the same password as used earlier.

Q: I have registered for your online course yesterday, but I am not able to login to the account and make the payment for the course.

A: * We have received your registration for online course successfully,
    *  However, your payment through CC Avenue is NOT successful.

Please repeat the online registration and payment part ONCE AGAIN using the same / different Credit Card until you get "Transaction successful message - with order number" Or Please use the following option ONLY for your payment.

Through "money2india" facility of ICICI bank. All payments shall be made by Wire Transfer / Bank Transfer / Cash Transfer / Cheque / DD drawn in favor of "IIPM, Chennai".

NOTE: For further information about Account details, please write to marketing@iipmchennai.com & onlinestudy@iipmchennai.com.

Q: I am not able to login to my online study account using the proper login link, whereas I was able to login yesterday. Kindly suggest.

A: Kindly check the username and password you are using to login. Please note the username and password are case sensitive. Even a minor change from your registered username and password would give you a login error.

Q: I had enrolled for your online course 7 months before. I was not able to complete my study then due to busy schedule / personal issues. Now I am free and wish to complete my course. But when I try to login, it does not allow me to do so. It seems my online study account is not active.

A: All the online courses with IIPM are activated only for a specific time period as mentioned for the relevant courses. After the completion of the period your account would be deactivated automatically/by default.

If due to some reason you were not able to complete your course within the stipulated time period, and you wish to do so now. Kindly send an email to onlinestudy@iipmchennai.com requesting for a special extension of your course with your registration and login details, also mentioning the purpose due to which you were unable to complete the course. Our online study team will get back to you with reference to this.

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