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Q: How can a PMI Certification help me in my career growth?

A: To understand the career benefits from a PMI Certification and What makes PMI certification special,
click here:  http://www.pmi.org/en/Certification/Why-Choose-a-PMI-Certification.aspx

Q: I have not yet received the invitation to the Yahoo groups. When will I receive the invitation?

A: Invitations are generally sent within a week’s time from the course completion. Otherwise, please check your spam/junk mails for the same as many times these mails go there. If you still not received, pls. check if any auto delete function is activated in your spam/ junk mails, please de-activate it.

If still not received, please check for any spelling errors in your ID at the copy of the attendance sheet provided . If no spelling error, then send us invitation request mail to marketing@iipmchennai.com for re-sending the invitation.

Q: Where will I find/ get sample experience distribution excel sheet?

A: The template experience distribution excel sheet is available in our “Yahoo groups” in the “FILES” section. You can download it from there. If not a member of Yahoo group, then send us request mail to marketing@iipmchennai.com for ‘sample experience distribution template ‘.

Q: How do I get my filled in sample experience distribution sheet verified from you?

A: Once you have filled in the experience distribution sheet, you can attach it & mail to marketing@iipmchennai.com for verification. The concerned authority will get back to you in a week’s time regarding this.

Q: I’m interested to take up the PMI’s PMP® Exam Prep Course at your institute. Please let me know the formalities and exact amount to be paid for the same.

A:   1.   Formalities for Online Registration
            Register online to reserve a seat: http://www.iipmchennai.com/register.html

      2.   PLAN 1: 'PMP-Guaranteed PASS'- Classroom Schedules at Chennai, India.
                           Fees: Rs. 25,000 + 10.3% S.T. = Rs. 27,575/

            PLAN 2: 'PMP-Regular'- Classroom Schedules at Chennai, India.
                           Fees: Rs. 15,000 + 10.3% S.T. = Rs. 16,545/

      3.   For payment options, please contact IIPM at 00-91-44-42641401/42071124/42128010 /2435 9078

Q: Is there any pre-preparation needed before attending the course? Will I get the PMI’PMBOK® Guide – 4th Edition immediately after paying the fees or I should wait till the course begins/commences?

A: Normally, there is no pre-preparation needed before attending the course. However, you can take the PMBOK® Guide - 4th Ed. book from our office immediately on payment of the course fees.

Q: What is the difference between PMI’s PMP & CAPM Certifications?

A: PMP is the Project Management Professional Certification and CAPM is the Certified Associate in Project Management Certification. Both the Exams are based on the same PMBOK® Guide 4th Edn. (The latest edition).

To be eligible for the PMP Certification some mandatory Project Management Experience is required such experience is not mandatorily required for the CAPM Certification. CAPM can be described as the junior level certification of PMP. In PMP Examination the candidates will be tested on both the concepts they learned from PMBOK and also their implications as correlated with their experience, i.e., they would be asked both conceptual and situational questions in the examination, whereas in the CAPm Examination only the conceptual understanding of the PMBOK of the candidate would be tested.

In the PMP candidate would be asked 200 objective type multiple choice questions to be completed in 4 hrs. whereas in CAPM 150 objective type questions would be asked to be completed in 3 hrs.

Q: What is the cost involved for becoming a member of PMI®, USA?

A: The membership fee is appx. US$ 130 / year.

Q: How many attempts of examination can I take during 1 eligibility period (1 year) for taking the PMP examination?

A: Normally PMI allows you to take 3 attempts of the PMP examination in one eligibility cycle of 1 year.

Q: How do I become a member of PMI®, USA?

A: You can become a member of PMI by visiting the www.pmi.org website and clicking the ‘Join PMI’ link on the home page.

Direct link for becoming a member of PMI –

Q: What would be your suggested ideal time frame for taking the PMP Examination after your Course?

A: Our suggested ideal time frame for the taking the PMP examination would be within 2 – 3 months from the end of our course. This time frame would allow you to be sufficiently prepared for the examination at the same time you would not be unnecessarily pushing your schedule.

2-3 hours of qualitative study is recommended per day and we would also suggest our candidates to take at least 7 – 10 mock tests religiously from our mock test CD provided to you.

Q: After taking your PMP® Exam Prep Course, where can I take the examination?

A: Post training, you can take the PMI-PMP® Exam in any of the PMI approved pro-metric centers throughout the globe.

PMI® USA, has its pro-metric centers in all the major cities throughout the globe.

Q: How frequently are the examinations conducted at the pro-metric centers?

A: Normally the examinations are conducted every day at the pro-metric centers, except for the weekends and public holidays.

Q: Is IIPM’ training certificate approved by PMI, will this certificate be accepted by PMI?

A: International Institute of Project Management (IIPM), is one of the Global REP(Registered Education Provider) with PMI®, USA. Hence our training certificate would meet the eligibility criterion for the examinations.

IIPM’s REP Code (Provider Number) – 2042

You can cross verify this on PMI’s website, using the following link –

Q: If I take your exam preparation training in Chennai, is it required that I take the exam also in Chennai only?

A: No, you can take the exam in any of the PMI approved pro-metric centers throughout the globe. PMI® USA, has its pro-metric centers in all the major cities throughout the globe.

Q: Do I need to submit my experience & other eligibility proofs to IIPM before joining your course?

A: No, you need not submit any proof of experience or other eligibility criterion before joining our course. You just need to be aware of the eligibility requirement, so that you don’t face any disappointment in future while applying for the examination.

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